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Ethnic Cleansing. Artwork with text:
The purpose of this work is to portray the sad reality of the winning of the west, and to help people see how we as a society, when wrapped up in our own
self-righteousness, can ignore our most important principles. The work is based on a map of North and South Dakota because the closing event of the Indian Wars, the massacre at Wounded Knee, took place there; and a number of the greatest Native American chiefs lived there. Quotations of Native Americans are scratched into the cracked earth of the reservations, and contrasting words from U.S. Army Generals, government officials and others are inscribed on state lands.  It depicts the forces of conquest: Arrogance, Greed, Ignorance, Power and Self-righteousness sweeping over the land and holding in place the walls around the reservations.  Overhead views of modern cities float atop the tides of conquest.
Ethnic Cleansing Copyright 1997 Paul Gazda 48 x 48 x 2"
Acrylic, Photographs, Mixed Media on Board

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